Sermon Series

So, you want set up the people of God to understand the big picture of creation, and where they fit? (Of course, you do.) Two sermon series, Christ & Creation by Dr. David Schmitt and In the Land of the Living by Rev. Joel Kurz, (Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Warrensburg, Missouri). will bring this essential message to your weekly gatherings.

Christ & Creation

A thoughtful series to help us confess God's vision of creation. God has given it to us to hear, to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest as we grow in the faith. God's vision of creation is a true garden of delights for his people. It helps us redeemed sinners live in the presence of our risen, ruling, and returning Savior who is bringing about the restoration of all things.

The Christ & Creation Series...

In the Land of the Living

Designed to be used flexibly at four different seasonal times of the natural and Christian years, these sermons are not meant to be used entirely as is. Each one incorporates all of the four readings in some way and is meant to be enriched by further textual study, personal reflection, and adaptation. The idea is to give a template for each season within an integrated thematic framework.

The In the Land of the Living! Series