The Bible Study

An 8-week bible study on the Care of Creation from the perspective of a creature

Through careful consideration and testing, this bible study has been prepared to provide you with everything you need to lead a study on the care of creation. Whether you're a pastor, teacher, lay minister or Junior in High School - the following materials can be adapted for your group.

Read the Leader's Guide first.

The Leaders Guide gives you the background and guidance you need to ensure you're class is a success. (You'll definitely want to read it first)

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Practice what you preach.

In the spirit of the study, try to avoid printing out every last letter of the study if you can.

All of the material you find is designed so that you can use your tablet computer or even your smartphone with ease. (of course, it'll all print out just fine too - but, just saying.)

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We've got everything broken up into nice 1-week parts to make things easier. Want to get the whole thing all at once?

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